Guzheng Studio



guzheng rental

We recommend you to purchase a guzheng for your own enjoyment. However, rentals are available. All rentals are instructor-approved, fine quality instruments:


Requires a $400-$500 security deposit depends on the model of the guzheng. Security deposit is fully refundable if returned in original condition.(Subject to inspection. Structural and cosmetic damage may reduce the deposit you receive. )

$45 - $95 per month depends on the model of guzheng you like. During the first month, rent can  be prorated.


You have the option of buying it at the end of the renting agreement.


After the first month (which is prorated), the rental contract is month to month.  Two months minimum.  


For rental, you must arrange your own transportation to transport and return the guzheng. Generally, a SUV with 1 or both backseats down will be suffice for a full size guzheng. (Length of a full size guzheng with case/bag is generally about 170cm or 67 inches in length or less). A travel size guzheng will be about 55 inches of less in length and generally will fit in a sedan. There might be a few 40-inch guzhengs available for rent.


The renter is responsible for the cost of replacing any broken strings while he/she has the instrument, and must replace them with the same quality and same kind of string(gut for gut, nylon for nylon). 


*Please be reminded that all rentals are only supposed to be used indoors, not outdoors. Violate these policies might result in the lost of your security deposit. 


When you buy a guzheng, you can either set it up yourself, or we can set it up for you for $50.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

studio policy for lessons


Tuition is due on or before the first of the month. All bounced checks are subjected to a $30 fee.


A tardy student will be given only the time remaining in his or her lesson period. 


Missed Lessons
Last minutes (within 24 hours from lesson) will not be refunded nor makeup. Makeups are only given in the following circumstances:(Unless a time becomes available during the term during regular teaching hour, the lesson will be forfeited.  The studio reserves the right to cancel one lessons per term, without makeup or refund, for emergency, illness, or professional leave.) Maximum 2 makeup lessons per term.

Lessons cancelled due to my illness or family emergencies:  Will be rescheduled or the tuition will be credited to your account.

Inclement Weather

​The studio is not responsible for lessons missed due to weather conditions. No refund or makeup for inclement weather. The studio will follow Hopkins and Wayzata School District's recommendation. Class will be cancelled when either of the district announces so.


 Notice of withdrawal  must be made to the Studio in writing.  Verbal notices or requests will not be accepted.  You are obligated to pay til the end of a month. 

The terms shall be deemed to have been accepted and agreed by you by the commencement of the first lesson.